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Rose Vreeker





      1.  sweet, light simplicity;  astuteness

      2.  wide eyed fascination;  creativity;  explorer

      3.  learning passion;  salt of the earth movement in life


I discovered a unique love for photography just over two years ago, something I was not at all expecting.  It was like it popped up into my life, and I have been following this fine thread of movement, creating framed beauty.


I bought my camera in September 2014 and began taking shots of the coloring leaves.  There is so much beauty in a leaf, back lit by the setting golden sun. Walking along just about anywhere, with a unique and wide eyed fascination, it's like framing the beauty found in the subtleties  of nature and life. I am drawn to shapes,  light and  patterns.

I remember sitting in various rooms in my house, watching the play of light on the walls and water with a deep aching love in my heart.

From this, I realized my passion and ability in using light to create wonderful photographs, especially portraits.

My true love in photography is portraiture.  Combining light, my wonderful camera and being with people, I have the perfect mix to soar high.  I love spending time with a person, couple or family,  capturing the faces behind the face.  This can take some time and that is the fun - a relaxed time spent together while I am clicking away in a lovely connection with the other(s).

My camera is a Sony a6000 and I uses a 4.5-6.3/55-210 zoom lens and a 1.8/50 lens.  Manual settings are the most fun to explore.

I can say that the whisper in the immensity of life is found in the small and the subtle.



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