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Alas, New York City

Yes, I went and it was a wonder. I was inspired to go with a group of people for the book launch in Manhatten of John deRuiter's new publication "The Intelligence of Love" - see

It was a snappy and happy three night trip - I managed to visit two museums, trek through much of Central Park, do a 2 hour walk through Soho and Grenich Village, and attend and photograph the three events scheduled with John. Events were held at ABC Carpet and Home, Riverside Church and Jivamkti Yoga Studio, all in Manhatten. They were all wonderful.

"Meetings with John are for the realization of meaning in all aspects of our existence, to address life by knowledge and sincerity rather than fear, desire, and speculation. Life is mysterious, but we are able to know. We know how we are being inside, when the heart is hard and when it is soft. We know kindness and love. We know what is true within and we can know the deeper meaning of this life. " (Taken from official website - About)

I enjoyed New York City! With so much vibrancy, I sped through as much as I could and that was fun and enlivening. Just touching in on the different flavors of the city was satisfying - it all blended in as the most perfect smoothy, nourishing and refreshing.

I came upon the most beautiful sculpture in Central park of Romeo kissing Juliet. To see this was to fly for but a moment.

I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of nature with the tall city scape. The leaves were still hanging on in yellow, orange and red glory. I would see a limb of leaves, shining in the sun with a beautiful building in the background, either older or new, and out came the camera!

The architecture of the older apartment buildings left a lasting impression. From Soho, as I looked North along Broadway, I still recall the gentle curve of the simple beauty of the fascades, stretching out of view into the creative multi levelled density of what that city offers.

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